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Manufacturing Careers - What is a Process Tech?

There are many jobs available in manufacturing these days and one career opportunity is as a Manufacturing Process Technician.  

Meet Walter Smith.  He’s a Process Tech at Thogus where they do custom plastic injection molds.  For example, they make plastic parts for blenders, automotive parts, and medical plastic parts.

Walter is basically in charge of making sure all the big custom injection mold machines are working properly.  If they don’t, the machines could spit out products that aren’t made correctly.  When a client comes in with a mold for a product and they need a bunch of them made, Walter will put the specifications into the machine for it to mass produce the product.  He must then watch the machines to make sure they create the products correctly.   

Walter says the best thing about his job is that every day is different.  You never know what type of product you are going to need to create or what challenge or issue you might face with a machine.  He says it’s never boring.

As far as education, Walter did some vocational school training as well as got on-the-job training for his career.  He says the wages are very competitive with lots of room for growth.

To learn more about Thogus visit: http://www.thogus.com/

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According to Payscale.com, the average wages for a Process Tech are $19.00 an hour.  Depending on your skill level and experience you can make anywhere from $31,000 to $69,000 a year.

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