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I'm a Manufacturing Inspection Operator

The face of manufacturing is changing.  Meet Megan a manufacturing inspection operator at Thogus Products. She wants you to have an open mind about manufacturing. Many people believe manufacturing factories are dirty places where you’re expected to work to the bone.  But most facilities are actually very clean, welcoming environments.

A Day-in-the-life of a manufacturing inspection operator

Career opportunities in manufacturing

Megan worked for about 5 years at a store in the mall, when she got the opportunity to work at Thogus.  It was a better opportunity to advance in her career than she had working in retail.  

Now she spends the day inspecting parts that are manufactured at Thogus, making sure they meet quality standards before sending them off to the customer.  Megan says no two days are the same, one of the things she loves about the job.  Depending on what’s being manufactured that day, Megan could be in charge of running one or two machines, inspecting the products. Some machines can make up to 1500 parts a day!

Career Advice

Megan’s advice is to have an open mind when you graduate high school.  Don’t think you’re going to be working in just one career for the rest of your life.  She says manufacturing is a great career to consider because there is a great opportunity to learn and advance, making your options endless.

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According to Glassdoor,  on average a manufacturing tech can make an average of $41,000 a year.

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