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I'm a Google Business Manager

One of the coolest places to work is at tech giant Google.  In today’s video, we met Googler, Fulter Hong, a senior manager on Google’s customer care team in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fulter works on the team that handles Google’s business products.  Google offers all types of products and services to businesses such as Google Adwords, which lets businesses advertise on Google.  Fulter is in charge of taking care of customers who have questions about these products and services, such as billing questions or questions about how the products work.

Google has offices all over the country and the world.  At Fulter’s office in Michigan, they have a full-service café that offers breakfast and lunch. They have open offices, no cubicles, which helps encourage collaboration and creativity.  You’re also allowed to bring your dog to work!  There are many other perks offered at his Google office, including a massage studio, fitness center, and coffee shop.


Fulter actually has a college degree as an electrical engineer from Case Western Reserve University.  He also got a Master’s degree in Engineering and Management to help him transition into his business management position.  Fulter says his engineering skills, like his ability to think through and solve problems, are very transferrable to the world of business, especially finance, human resources, and marketing.



Every day Fulter says he gets to work on interesting problems and different challenges.  As part of his job as a manager, he has to hire new employees.  He also coaches the people he works with, to help them be better employees and do a better job.  He also looks at the big picture of their operation, to make sure they have the best, most efficient processes in place to help customers.   What Fulter really loves about his job is that he gets to work with people every day, not just his team in Michigan but with Google employees and partners all over the world.


Before he worked at Google, Fulter worked at few start-up companies then landed a job at General Electric in Cleveland, Ohio.  When he was looking to move to Ann Arbor he was thinking he’d try to get a job as an engineer at one of the automotive companies in the area.  But then he discovered Google had an office in the city and that’s when he decided to make the move into business.


Fulter says you really need to take ownership of your own career aspirations if you want to be successful. He suggests when trying to figure out what you want to do, think about what it is you like to do.  Do you like to make things? Do you like to sell things? Do you like to count things?  Also, consider what industry you would like to be in, such as engineering, healthcare or technology.  Another thing to think about is where you ultimately want to live someday.

When deciding on a job or career path, Fulter says there are three things he always takes into consideration.  He thinks about whether he likes the people he works with, he considers whether the work he’s doing is making an impact on people’s lives, and he makes sure the job helps him grow his skills both personally and professionally.


As mentioned, Fulter got a master’s degree in Engineering and Management at Case Western.  He shares how that program really helped him develop skills and grow in his career.


Fulter has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics as well as a Master in Engineering and Management from Case Western Reserve University.


A business manager salary can vary greatly depending on company and experience.  But according to Payscale.com, the median salary of a business manager is about $58,000.  However, according to Glassdoor.com which analyzed Google Senior Manager salaries, they’re average salaries ranged from $135,000 – $230,000.


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