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A Career in Business Management

A career in business management

You may start out down one career path, like engineering, but your career journey could take you into a whole new world.  That’s what happened to Adam Synder.  He’s the president of Incept, a marketing firm in Canton, Ohio.

Even though Adam has a mechanical engineering background, the skills he learned and developed as an engineer has transferred to a career in sales, marketing, and management.

At Incept, employees help companies help with their customer service needs.  They handle customer calls, emails, texts and even monitor social media.  At the call center in Canton, there are 150 workers handling hundreds of calls an hour from 30 different companies.  When Incept hires new employees, the primary focus is on training and coaching them to have great conversation and communication skills.

Adam worked for many years in the engineering and manufacturing industries.  But at one of his jobs, he was required as an engineer to go out on sales calls with sales executives.  That’s when he got a taste of sales and marketing.  Adam says he enjoyed the adrenaline rush, and the psychology and problem solving that go into trying to close a sale with a client. He says all the skills he already used as an engineer actually translated pretty well into sales, marketing, and business development. All things he’s now doing as the president of Incept.

Career advice for everyone

Adam shares some of his best tips for anyone who is looking to advance in their career.  He says one of the most important tips is, if you want to get promoted, then do an exceptional job in your current role. If you’re helping others be successful, if you’re helping the company be successful then you’ll get noticed.

Job search advice for everyone

Adam says his best job search advice is to be dedicated to it and be willing to work on it full-time. He says if you really want to land a job, it’s important to put time into researching positions, companies, networking and making connections, because it’s a really competitive job market, no matter what career field you are in.

Master degree in Engineering and Management

Adam shares how his experience in the Master of Engineering and Management program at Case Western Reserve University really helped him in the position he’s in today.

For more information on Incept: http://www.inceptresults.com/


Adam has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Engineering and Management from Case Western Reserve University.

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