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A Career in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

What is a career in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering like?

Felipe Gómez del Campo admits he may not have been the greatest student in high school, but he’s certainly making up for it now. As an aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, he’s hoping to revolutionize the airline industry with his new jet engine fuel technology.

Felipe is the founder and CEO of his own company, FGC Plasma Solutions.  He’s created a plasma-assisted fuel injection system to create cleaner, lighter and more efficient jet engines. Felipe estimates his system could decrease emissions by an average of 1% to 5 % for all of the U.S. airline industry.  

How he got started in Aerospace Engineering

Growing up near the Kennedy Space Center, sparked Felipe’s  interest in air and space travel.  In high school, he says he had “not so great” grades so he needed to do something pretty impressive to get into college.  That’s when he came up with his idea for the plasma fueled engine for a high school science fair.  Needless to say, his project did so well, he made it to the international science fair.  He then went on to attend Case Western Reserve University.  Last year, Felipe even went to the White House for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit where he received advice from  3 “sharks” from the Shark Tank TV show.  He also got to meet with President Obama and share his invention.


Right now, while Felipe spends most of his time on research and development, to make sure his product is ready to take to market, he’s also working on his master’s degree in aerospace engineering.  Felipe is several years away from possibly getting his product to market, but he’s hopeful.  He’s already raised over $130,000 in funding and hired a few employees.

Felipe says he’s passionate about using science and technology to solve real-world problems.  That’s why he’s excited to be an entrepreneur, and believes his product is one that will solve a real-world problem. Felipe says he was inspired by his high school teacher who said “.. can you imagine in 10 years if every aircraft flying had something you designed.” He says it stuck with him and he’s been working since then to make his technology a reality.

Importance of Mentors

Felipe says the best thing for young people to do is find a mentor.  He says mentors are there for everything Google can’t find.  Felipe says his parents were his mentors who taught him to value hard work and not give up when things are tough.  He says it’s helped encourage him to keep working to find a solution and make his dream come true of revolutionizing air travel.

Felipe benefited from many resources available at Case Western Reserve University.  He shares how they helped get his start-up off the ground.

To learn more visit FGC Plasma: http://fgcplasma.com/


Felipe has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

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